Hello ~ While we are only starting to learn about each other right now, we can say with certainty that you are brave and strong. We realize this journey is a difficult road for you as it takes an incredible amount of courage, intelligence, selflessness, and love to want to do what is best for your child. We are deeply honored that you have chosen to read more about us!

About Us
We are Rich & Cathie. We met in early 2013 at our local CrossFit Gym, became friends and started dating in late spring of that year. We have been happily married since August of 2014. We are a family of three with Rich’s son Peyton! Peyton is a vibrant tween (almost 12) and an integral part of our life. All three of us enjoy working out in our garage gym, creating & cooking amazing meals, watching movies, playing board games, crafting and having adventures together… especially when outdoors! We have found that being a multi-home & blended family has taught us that structure is important to keeping us all on the same page with each other as well as know what to expect. Family is extremely important to us and we are beyond excited to grow ours!

About Him (written by Cathie)
When I met Rich, he was quiet and reserved. What I found after getting to know him is that he is quite funny, creative beyond measure, quirky, lovable in every way, kind and serious all at the same time. You name it, this man can build it! If it is broken, this man can fix it! Best feature of all is the unconditional love he has for his son, his family, his friends, his country and me. It makes me smile when he starts singing to country music and knows EVERY word, no matter what decade the song came out! Rich is Active Duty in the Ohio Army National Guard which I admire for making the military his career. He grew up in Northern Wisconsin and is one of 6 children, him being the youngest by 11 years. His siblings and their families are now scattered across the country which makes a great excuse for family vacation time!!

About Her (written by Rich)
Cathie was born and raised here in Ohio and has one younger sister that resides in Texas with her family (yippee more road trips!!). She works for a Technology Company as a Solutions Architect Specialist (Inside Sales & Support) where she has the flexibility in working from home full-time, which we feel is a great benefit! Now let me really tell you about Cathie, she has an amazing heart that is full of unconditional love and devotion. She puts 110% into whatever she sets out to do which is what attracted me to her from the beginning. Cathie is an exceptional step-mother to my son Peyton. As foster parents, when our first foster siblings came into our home, Cathie stepped right into the role of foster-mom/caregiver without hesitation – she is a natural nurturer. It was amazing to watch these kids flourish under her care and I see that with Peyton as well as he benefits greatly from her loving approach and encouragement to be the best version of himself! She is always reading books to better herself, both personally and professionally. Cathie is always so fun to be around and has a genuineness about her that I had never seen before. Her smile and laughter are contagious, which is why Peyton and I love her so!

About Peyton (written by Peyton)
Hi! I like to play sports, watch movies with my family, play video games with friends, learn new skills from my dad, and spend lots of time outside. I know I would be a great big brother because I am very good with babies. I like to play with them and make them laugh. I will protect them.

About our Home & Paisley our Crazy Dog!
Our home is a beautiful ranch with 3 bedrooms and a lovey backyard. We are a family of gardeners from vegetables all the way to herbs and abundant flowers for our honeybees. YES, honeybees which honestly are the most gentle creature out there!! We converted our garage to a CrossFit gym which gives us the ability to train together daily, we love getting our fitness on. All three of us thrive on a schedule during the week to balance out family, school, sports, careers, and time with each other, family, and friends. We have a close-knit circle of friends locally that are an amazing support system. One of the biggest things in our home is that we love and accept each other for who we are while encouraging growth. We are silly, make each other laugh, and hug it out when we happen to not see eye-to-eye on something… which definitely happens because we are all different!!

Now about our Paisley. She is a 7-year old German Short-Haired Pointer with boundless energy and a phenomenal demeanor. When you first meet her, she gets very excited and her rear end wiggles ~ she just loves people! Her favorite thing to do is sit on the back porch, taking in the sun… AND chasing every squirrel.

It is hard to summarize our whole lives into a couple paragraphs, a picture book, or even a letter. We do hope this tiny glimpse of us, Peyton, our home, our pup, as well as the things we hold true resonate with you. We want you to know that you are already in our hearts. All that you wish for is the best for your child. We are unconditional in our love to give and hope that you will allow us the opportunity to share that and more with you and your child. In raising Peyton together, we have found that a home with structure, organization, kindness and lots of laughter is key to him flourishing as with any child. We would encourage your child the exact same way – to be themselves, to try new things every day, to learn, to make mistakes, to grow and flourish. No matter what, know that we want you to make the decision that is best for YOU and we are very thankful that you took the time to read about us!

Rich & Cathie… and Peyton & Paisley too!