Hi! We are Ryan and Stephanie. Thank you for taking the time to read about our family. We can’t begin to imagine what you may be going through but we want you to know that we respect you and your decision to choose life for your child. After having our son in 2012 we struggled with secondary infertility and many failed fertility treatments. We have always wanted to grow our family. Our hearts were led to adoption and we are excited to have another child to love. We will give your child a home full of love, laughter, learning, fun, and every opportunity possible.

About Us- We met about 11 years ago and will be married ten years this October. Ryan works as an graphic designer and photographer and Stephanie is a Respiratory therapist at a major trauma hospital. We live in the suburbs of Columbus and love our community. After having our son in 2012 we were over joyed and thought it would be easy to have another child. God had different plans for us and after many failed attempts at fertility treatments He lead our hearts to adoption. We are so excited to have another baby to love and enjoy life with. We have a loving, caring, energetic, active, and fun life and we would give your child every opportunity possible. We want to teach our children to be respectful, kind, and considerate human beings.

About Him– Ryan is the most amazing father and husband. He is the type of dad that plays ball in the yard, takes date days to the donut shop with Mason, and will do anything for anyone else without wanting any recognition. He is a selfless man who loved his family with all his being. His second love though is classic cars and his 1967 Chevy Camaro. This man could fix anything on a car or in a home.

About Her– Stephanie is the kindest person I know. She’s such a great mother and wife. In her spare time she’s baking goodies or crocheting something for a friend. Whether caring for us at home or her patients at the hospital she has such a caring heart I know she will be a great mother to our next child.

About our Home/Pets– We live in a small town south of Columbus, Ohio. We live in the country with a family sheep farm in our back yard but walking distance to the towns downtown area. We have a energetic and loving puppy Elsa and we love to play outside with her and work in our garden. We have planted many fruit trees and Mason loves going to pick fresh fruit. We love our community and they were not wrong when they said it takes a village. We are blessed to have the community around us that we do.