Hello! Before we tell you about ourselves, we want to let you know that we admire you so much for choosing life and for considering adoption. We are humbled that you have taken the time to click on our profile and may be considering us as potential parents for your child. Please be assured of our continued prayers as you make whatever decision is best for you and your baby.

About Us
We met 11 years ago at a football game when Andrew began dating one of Sarah’s friends. They broke up and two years later, she encouraged Sarah to date him. We were married three years after that (and our mutual friend actually married one of Andrew’s close friends just 6 days after our wedding!). Relatively quickly into our marriage we discovered that having biological children would be more difficult than we had anticipated. We knew immediately that adoption would be in our future, although we weren’t sure when as we were both students at the time. We were blessed with twins three years later in 2016 but have since closed the door on biological children and are fully committed to adoption. Our girls (Elody and Chloe) are SO excited to be big sisters but can’t seem to decide if they want a brother or a sister. We each have two siblings and would love for our children (current and future) to experience the joy of having multiple siblings.

About Andrew
Andrew was born in Chicago and moved to the Columbus, OH area when he was in grade school. He attended John Carroll University outside of Cleveland and then went on to medical school at Ohio University. He has completed a residency in Internal Medicine and is now in his fellowship, specializing in Intensive Care and Pulmonology. He enjoys solving the puzzle of the human body and loves taking care of people. One of his favorite aspects of his job is supporting his patients’ families as they deal with the illness of their loved ones. Andrew is one of the most loyal, hard-working, and compassionate people that I have ever met. After our first date, I called my mom to tell her that I had met the man that I planned to marry. His commitment to his Catholic faith, the value he places on family, and his respectful, compassionate nature drew me in immediately. He is a phenomenal dad and our girls just adore him. The moment he walks through the door, they are full of energy, competing to be the first to give hugs and kisses and tell him all about their day. It is so sweet to watch him get excited over even the smallest of details in their day before a game of tag or tickling breaks out.

About Sarah
Sarah was born in southeastern Michigan and attended nursing school at the University of Michigan before moving to the Columbus, OH area to pursue her dream job in pediatric oncology. She then went on to get her Master’s degree in Nursing Education from Capital University in Columbus. She now works part time as a pediatric nurse and teaches nursing students one day per week. She loves her patients and her students but also loves that her job is flexible enough to allow her to be home 4 to 5 days per week with the kids. Sarah is a genuinely happy and bubbly person who brings strength and unity to our family. She has an incredible passion for raising children – not just spending time with them, but nurturing them with love and gentle discipline. She always puts others’ needs first, especially those of her children. Although she knew early on that she wanted to be a nurse, motherhood is her true passion and calling in life. She is full of warmth and happiness and children absolutely love her creative games, boundless energy, and infectious joy.

About our Children, Home, & Pets
Elody and Chloe are twins who will be three this Summer. Elody is silly, stubborn, and loves figuring things out. Blocks, buckles, cars, and trains are some of her favorite toys. She likes to act tough but is the first to ask for a snuggle. Chloe is sweet, sensitive, and loves to play pretend. Her babies, doll house, and play kitchen are her favorite things to play with. She is definitely a nurturer and is always looking out for Elody, making sure she has her water cup or giving her a hug if she is sad. They love to play together despite their varying interests and both love younger kids. They will make phenomenal big sisters one day.

We live in a suburb of Columbus in a 3 bedroom house. We have a fenced in backyard with two large trees and lots of grass to run around in. We have swings, a slide, and lots of toys to play on and live in a great neighborhood with two amazing parks and a bike path connecting them. As parents, we love that we can walk to both parks without ever crossing a street! We have wonderful neighbors as well; between our five closest neighbors, there are 8 children under the age of 3. We live within just a few minutes of Andrew’s parents, our church, a splash pad, the community pool, and many other fun places that we love to visit as a family. We enjoy eating dinner and playing together every evening, attending Mass every Sunday, and traveling together at least once per year.

We have a small dog named Nari who Sarah adopted in 2011. She is the perfect family pet and our girls adore her. Chloe can often be found sitting in the dog bed “reading” to Nari and Elody’s favorite activity is holding the leash on walks (luckily Nari doesn’t actually need a leash, so we don’t have to worry about her running away if Elody drops it). She doesn’t care for toys and has never chewed a single item in our home, but she absolutely loves to snuggle and will always be found cuddling up next to one of us.

We want you to know that we have been praying for the child that God has planned for us for several years now. We don’t know the race or gender of that child or if he or she is the one that you are carrying right now; all we know is that we cannot wait to meet, love, and welcome him or her into our hearts and family. We promise to love and cherish your child and to provide a safe, joyful home and a life with every opportunity possible. If you choose us to parent your baby, we promise to respect whatever level of openness and contact that you want to have with your child, but would LOVE for him or her to grow up knowing you and the important role that you play in his or her family. We firmly believe that a child can never have too many people that love them and you will forever be the person that loved them first. We would love for you to continue to be a part of your child’s family, if you desire to be. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. We hope to meet and get to know you as well and will continue to keep you in our prayers.