Birthdate: December 2002

Tomquan, nicknamed “Tommy” is an engaging and resourceful young man. He is a gifted artist and enjoys drawing pictures. He is quick with hugs and kisses and knows how to use that charming smile to his advantage. While Tomquan enjoys some extracurricular activities, he is most happy being at home watching tv or playing video games. Tomquan does very well one-one-one and responds to adults who are nurturing and compassionate. He is very helpful around the house and does not shy away from hard work. Tomquan has had many disappointments in his life, and is currently working through these in therapy. He is in a specialized school setting and needs a family who can advocate for him and support him in school.

Tomquan needs a family who will give him 100% commitment and make sure he receives the counseling services he needs. He will challenge that commitment, no doubt, but a strong dedicated family who will love him no matter what is essential. Tomquan also has siblings who he would need to maintain contact with. A family who desires to give Tomquan a lot of individual attention would be a good fit. With the guidance of the right family, Tomquan has the potential to grow into a wonderful young man.


For more information about Tomquan, contact:

Denise Barczyk                                                                                                                                                                                     Caring for Kids                                                                                                                                                                                         (330) 928-0044 or


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