At Caring for Kids, Inc. we pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with the families and individuals we serve.  Our entire staff works tirelessly to create meaningful, lasting relationships and to advocate for children and families.  It is an honor that so many families are referred to our agency by satisfied past and present clients.  We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some opinions of the people who matter the most…

“My experience with Caring for Kids was great! I was provided a great deal of support by my caseworker, who was available to me whenever I needed her. I had the opportunity to work with the executive director; her wisdom and personal experience helped guide me through the adoption process. I was impressed that she took the time out of her busy schedule to meet with me on a weekly basis. The name of the agency should speak for itself.”

–Sonya, Foster-to-Adoptive Parent

“I heard about Caring for Kids through my brother. I was looking for an agency that cared about me and my child’s well-being. CFK did this and more. They treated me like family which was great. The staff at CFK made me feel amazing; they made me feel like my opinion counted. I would recommend CFK to other people because CFK will make your heart feel at ease.”

–Sodia Brown, Birth Mother

“We had been foster parents for 4 years when our little one went up for adoption. Because he had several developmental delays and possible long term physical complications, we knew that finding a special home for him would be challenging. He was in the custody of a very large county with workers that were too busy to devote the extra effort it would take to find a home for our little boy. Thankfully, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids contacted our case worker, and were willing to take on the case of our little one. I truly believe that if not for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids and the amazing case worker that was assigned our case, our little boy would still be waiting for a forever family. But, because of the extensive work of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, our little one is now in his forever home with a family that far surpasses any dreams I had for him. We continue to provide foster care for kids with complicated medical issues, and my hope is that with each child that comes through our care, we will have the privilege of working with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. For in so doing, I truly believe that each of the special children who are placed in our care, will find a forever family. Thank You Wendy’s Wonderful Kids for being so devoted and changing the lives of these special children.”

–D. Molby, Foster Parent

“When I had my daughter, she was a surprise as I had no idea I was pregnant. When my CFK counselor came to speak with me to help me make an adoption plan, I immediately became at ease with her and my choice. She has been an amazing blessing and if I did not have her I don’t think I would have survived the “pot holes” through this journey. Caring for Kids has been an amazing agency with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Thanks to them and the family I have met and chosen through them, I can actually say I do not regret my decision. A big thank you to Caring for Kids.”

– Ashley Torres, Birth Mother

“I thank God he put Caring for Kids in my life. Truly blessed.”

– C., Birth Mother

“When I found out I was pregnant, I sought out an adoption agency that would provide me with the amount of openness I desired in my adoption.  When I met with Caring For Kids, I knew that they would be able to address my needs as a birth mother–not only in what I desired in adoptive parents, but my personal, emotional and medical needs as well.  Throughout the course of my pregnancy, I was able to develop a strong relationship with the adoptive parents of my child, they have become a second set of family to me, and me to them.

Without the support of the Caring for Kids staff, I know this process would have been much more difficult.  Not once did I ever feel judged for my decision; I was given the information I needed and was able to choose the path that I felt was right for me and my child.”

– Caroline, Birth Mother

“After being dissatisfied with our original adoption agency, my husband and I turned to Caring for Kids, where our experiences exceeded our expectations.  Our case worker was very knowledgeable, professional, and caring- it was obvious she genuinely cares about her clients and the kids. Working with her felt more like being with a friend, rather than a case worker, we still keep in touch with updates and pictures.  The staff always stood out above the rest by their friendly demeanor and professionalism, and it is always a pleasure working with them!

The Caring for Kids staff helped with our adoption process by scheduling numerous visits with our future son, handling mounds of paperwork, informing us of upcoming classes and support groups, and locating doctors and counselors in our area.

What is remarkable about Caring for Kids is that they are also caring for us adults too!  They helped our adoption process run as smoothly and quickly as possible, and they were always ready, willing, and able whenever we needed them for advice or to answer our questions.”

– Karin Jankowski, Adoptive Parent

 “Caring for Kids is amazing.  They have helped us navigate through the foster care and adoption ups and downs.  Whenever we had challenges, questions or needed help diffusing a situation, they were only a phone call away, even during off hours.  If you want someone in your corner, if you want an organization to be there, this is the agency for you!  I don’t know where we would be without Caring for Kids!”

– Ken & Crystal Nowak, Foster & Adoptive Parents

“We had an extremely positive experience with Caring For Kids during our adoption process.  We were a bit apprehensive about the process, however, the staff eased our minds and reassured us

[…] Our search coordinator at CFK never stopped being kind and determined to match us with a child.  We sent emails to each other nearly every day, becoming good friends and a hard working team in the effort to find our daughter.

The CFK staff members knew our family well and the characteristics our adoptive daughter would need to fit into our family.  We were always confident that our family had top notch support.  Now we have Kayla, the daughter that God meant for us to have!  We are very grateful to all of our friends at CFK and highly recommend the agency to anyone interested in giving a child/children a forever family!”

– Jenny & Don Gaut, Adoptive Parents

“[…] I realized that this was not the life my son deserved.  I came to the decision myself to place my son for adoption […]

The hardest part was finding a family, I had this image of what I wanted in my head, but they [W.’s son’s adoptive family] were perfect.  Once I started looking through their family profile book, I knew I had to meet these people, I got such a sense of peace from them. There were little things about them that reflected my life and I felt like reminded me of myself.”

– W., Birth Mother

“I heard good things about Caring for Kids through my cousin.  In the past five years I have been a foster mother for three children, been a respite provider for six and have adopted two children of my own. The staff at Caring for Kids is great!

They walked me through the process of getting my foster license, answering my question and easing my concerns. They loaned me cribs for emergency placements, provided respite for me when I needed it, held my hand when I lost my mother and father and supported me through the adoption of my two boys, whose birthdays’ they never forget. Caring for Kids not only cares about kids, they care about people.  I am so lucky to be a part of a team of people that cares.”

– F.K., Foster & Adoptive Parent

 “I love my son more than anything, and I gave him the life that he deserved… I gave everything to him.  My pregnancy was a very emotional time for me, but I pulled through it, because seeing them [son’s new family] with him just confirmed everything- that the family I picked for his was the greatest family alive for him.”

– Holly, Birth Parent

“Caring for Kids doesn’t just care for kids, but for the whole family.”

– Harry C., Foster & Adoptive Parent

“We researched all the agencies in this area. Caring for kids was the one that stood out because everyone that had worked with them in the past spoke highly of their experience, it is a local agency that deals with hundreds of adoptions, and when you work with them everything is on a personal level. It never felt corporate. It always felt like home!

Everything (with our adoption) went very smoothly. Our case worker and our birth mother’s case worker were both very upfront, honest and patient. At a very stressful time, CFK made it seem very easy.

CFK is home. It is a place where everyone knows your name, your husband’s name, your kids’ name, and even your dog’s name! It is family! It is very simple, they literally care about about each child that comes into their agency, period!”

– Rebecca and Nate Brockmeyer

“The road to our son wasn’t always easy and we are grateful that everyone at Caring for Kids was there to offer us love and support. Caring for Kids blessed us with our son and we are blessed to have everyone at Caring for Kids as a part of our family!”

– Noel Polantz

“Brian, Michael and I had a great time at the Caring for Kids’ Ice Cream Social. Caring for Kids brought us together as a family and we couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend our Sunday. Looking around at all the different families and meeting new people were perfect reminders that love is what makes a family! There certainly was a lot of love, happiness and recognition for the journeys that brought us all together as families. Among the families who were blessed enough to be matched, there were also some brave birth mothers and families waiting anxiously for their wish to come true!”

– Noel Polantz

“Caring for Kids is a special agency. If it wasn’t for Caring for Kids we would have never been blessed with our son. It is nice to work with people that understand and truly care for you; instead of just being a number on a list. If you ever get a chance to work with them you will feel the same, I always and forever will share how blessed we were to have them in our life.”

– Meredith Ball

“We heard about CFK through friends that had adopted a baby through the infant program. We were with an out of state agency that we had completed our homestudy and paperwork with but the process of us getting any children to adopt was really slow and was getting very frustrating! We decided to work with CFK and after meeting with them and learning of programs they have available, it was very nice to know we could keep our options open. We enrolled in the infant program and the adoption program and after dealing with some disappointments and frustration we decided to change that to the foster to adopt program and before we even had our classes finished and with our foster license just completed, we received children to care for that we were later able to adopt.

One of the best things we like about working with CFK is the Trust Based Relationship Intervention Classes or TBRI they offer. It gave us the tools we needed to be better caregivers to our children from hard places and even use it in parenting our biological son. Also, the support and encouragement we received from the very beginning of the whole process from the staff and our caseworker was so needed and was very awesome.

The other event we all benefit from and the boys look forward to is PLAY they offer every month. Especially now they have integrated the TBRI techniques into the program. Our kids were excited, wondering when they could go again. They have been able to make friends with kids that have been in the same situation. They are also learning important behavior skills that are easy for them to understand and implement.

If you are looking for an agency that feels like family even though they are professional, encouraging, helpful and looking out for the best of all kids involved, then I would definitely recommend CFK and am so glad we have the privilege of working with them. “

– Michael & Cheryl Zook