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Waiting Children

Caring for Kids, Inc. is thrilled to announce its ongoing partnership with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption!  Dave Thomas, founder of the fast food empire Wendy’s and an adopted child himself, devoted his life to improving the lives of America’s most vulnerable children.

Since its creation, the foundation has helped more than 5,200 children find their way out of foster care and into their forever families.  Thomas believed every child deserves to live in a safe, loving, permanent family- and at Caring for Kids we couldn’t agree more!

Sadly, often times there aren’t enough resources or time devoted to finding forever families for children placed in permanent custody of the Public Child Welfare System.  The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has awarded Caring for Kids a grant creating a presence of 10 Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters on our staff.

Our agency is excited to have these experienced adoption professionals, whose track record is undeniable, work to find homes for waiting children right here in Northeast Ohio.  Based on a 2011 Washington, D.C.-based Child Trend report, children represented by these recruiters are “1.7 times more likely to be adopted,” while the program’s impact is strongest among those who “have traditionally waited the longest” or “are the least likely to achieve adoption- with adoptions three times more likely (Ellis, 2011, p. 2).”

Children Waiting in Ohio for Adoption

Below, you will find photos and bios of Ohio children currently available for adoption.  If you would like to know more about a specific child or children, please contact the social worker listed at the bottom of the child’s profile.


Birthdate: April 2009 Connor is an intelligent boy with a hidden sense of humor who [...]


Birthdate: August 2003 Paige is a smart girl who likes creating crafts, journaling, [...]


Birthdate: June 2008 William is a young man who enjoys drawing, artwork, pets (especially dogs), [...]


  Birthdate: October 2003 Taylor is an engaging and articulate young lady. She [...]

Cheyenne and Benjamin

  Birthdate: July 2006 and November 2007 Cheyenne is a very pleasant young [...]


Birthdate: June 2004 Logan loves art projects, especially cutting coupons. Although he isn’t [...]

De’nayla and Dallas

Birthdate: September 2007 November 2010 De’nayla is an outgoing 9 year old girl who loves [...]


Birthdate:  November 2001 Paris is an outgoing, fun-loving, silly young lady. She has [...]


Birthdate: September 2010 James is sweet, loving, and kind little boy who loves to laugh. [...]


Birthdate: June 2008 Michael is a sweet, loving and kind little boy. He likes to [...]


 Birthdate: May 2001 Aaron is an active and bright young man. Although Aaron [...]


Birthdate: November 2000 Alexis is an energetic, intelligent, compassionate, and sensitive teenager. She [...]


Birthdate: January 2004 Isaac is an inquisitive and friendly boy. He loves to play video [...]


  Birthdate: February 2003 Talishia is very bonded with her foster mom and currently [...]

Michael, Jamon, Jamarion

Birthdates Michael : March 2006             Jamon : November 2009         Jamarion: August 2010 These [...]


Birthdate:  February 2000 Marquise is a polite, likeable youth with a wonderful smile. [...]


Birthdate: February 2001 Brandon is a very engaging young man. He likes all [...]


Birthdate: February 2002 Philip has a quick, friendly smile and is a bright, talkative and [...]


Tyshawn is a young man that needs a family to commit to him [...]


Birthdate: November 2001   Emily loves animals and spends time volunteering at a [...]


Birthdate: August 2002 Jhamal is a very active 14 year-old.  He loves food [...]


Birthdate: January 2002 Destynie is like most typical 14 year old girls. She [...]


Birthdate: January 2004 Isaiah is an outgoing and active boy, who is Isaac's twin brother. [...]


  Birthdate: Febraury 2001 Legend is an energetic teenage girl, who loves to [...]


Birthdate: December 2002 Tomquan, nicknamed "Tommy" is an engaging and resourceful young man. [...]


Birthdate: April 2007 J”Kwon is an active and energetic young man with an [...]


  Birthdate: April 2004 Shania is an active young lady who likes to [...]


Birth Date: March 2000 Fatima is a young woman who has many attributes—she [...]


Birthdate: January 2002 Michael is a smart young man who loves to explore. [...]


            Birthdate: March 2000 Daylon is a kind, caring, and compassionate [...]


Birthdate: November 2004 Jaynell can be very cuddly and he craves relationships with [...]


Birthdate: October 2004 This beautiful little boy will greet you with a smile. [...]


Birthdate: April 2001 Terrez has a smile that lights up a room and [...]


Birthdate: December 2001 Lequan is a boy that is happiest outside – he [...]


Birthdate: August 2001 Jamall is a polite, kind young man who really hopes [...]


Devontae is a charming, handsome young man with special needs. Devontae is autistic [...]


Birthdate: September 2001 Jeremiah is a sweet and charming 14 year old. He [...]