Wes and Miriam

Teší Nás! (translation from Slovak “Nice to meet you!”) We are Wes and Miriam from Central Ohio. We’ve been blessed with adoption of our daughter Bianca in 2020 and would love to expand our family once more through adoption to find her a sibling(s). Bianca is a very social girl and would strive to have a loving sibling, a playmate and lifelong friend. Our hearts are full of excitement to meet our child soon and start building an open, trusting and loving relationship with him/her and their birth family. We’re maintaining an open relationship with Bianca’s first family. As we both recognize that this is a trying and emotional time full of unknowns in your life, we pray that we may offer you a boundless amount of strength, love and support through this journey.


We’ve been happily married for 18 years and enjoyed many aspects of our lives together, including adopting our beautiful baby girl Bianca, adopting 3 puppies, traveling to see Miriam’s family in Slovakia, as well as spending time with friends and family and going to various events and performances with Miriam’s barbershop chorus. Wes is a certified project manager and the president of the family business. Miriam is an independently licensed social worker working in a local hospital. As full as our life together already is, we yearn to grow our family once more and share our love and values with our children. Experiencing the blessing of adoption already, we believe that growing our family through adoption is God’s plan for us once more.


(written by Miriam) Wes is the gentlest man I’ve ever known. He’s a wonderful father to Bianca and our 2 pups! What first attracted me to him was his romantic nature. He shows his love to our family through daily play, loving words of encouragement, hugs and kisses, and wonderful care he gives us. Wes is a great provider and works hard to make sure that we have what we need. At the end of a work day, he loves to relax by playing and exploring in the backyard with us, playing fetch/tug-o-war with puppies, watching his favorite shows, going on a walk or cuddling with Bianca. His favorite workouts are his Kung Fu classes. Wes loves traveling, exploring new places, camping, fishing, spending time outdoors in nature, and had volunteered with local group serving our homeless population and supported several local and national dog rescue organizations. Wes is very social and makes friends incredibly easily. He’s a loyal friend and family member to his family. Wes has his own business where he works with his dad and his brother Chris.


(written by Wes) Miriam is remarkably kind and nurturing woman. It is clear in all she does. Going above and beyond as a social worker, taking on management roles within her chorus, organizing clothing drives and volunteering for homeless outreach are all examples. Most of all, her caring for our daughter and 2 dogs has been amazing to see. She’s a great mother. Miriam’s always willing to go the extra mile for others. While her compassion for others is admirable, what initially attracted me to her was her strength and courage to seek out the things she wants in life no matter the obstacles. On the volleyball courts, her ability to return one hard serve after another from guys was more than mere skill and fortitude, but an example of her character to overcome the hurdles life tries to place between her and her goals. Another example is her leading us through our struggles with infertility by researching other options to grow our family and finally to adoption. She never gave up on us having a family together. In her spare time, Miriam loves singing, dancing, performing with her chorus, hiking, traveling, and spending time with our little family no matter where we go and what we do together.


Our 13 month old daughter Bianca is our joy and sunlight. She’s such a brave and smart girl! At 12 months, she was walking, started to climb stairs, opening jars and already mastered the remote control, lol. Bianca loves music, water activities, playtime with her friends and mommy and daddy, and is a very social butterfly. Buddy and Ariel are our rescue dogs that we adopted separately. They act like true siblings. Buddy and Ariel love their pack (our family) and are great protectors. They are sweet to Bianca and very playful. Buddy is very gentle with her and Ariel is a protective big fur sister. Our home is situated in a wonderfully diverse neighborhood, full of mature trees and a variety of families, including young families with children and older families that have lived here for 30+ years. Our home is walking distance to the elementary and middle school where our children will go, a playground, stores, shops, library and restaurants. We love our spacious backyard that allows for boundless play, grilling/cooking outdoors, and hosting family/friends for get-togethers. We’re just 5 minutes walking distance from Wes’ parents and sister, which makes it convenient for babysitting. His brother and his wife live about 10 minutes away as well. Bianca’s babysitter also lives in the neighborhood and she and her husband adore her!

Thank you!

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