Wes, Miriam, and Bianca


Hello! We are Wes, Miriam, and Bianca from Central Ohio. We are grateful for you to read about us and our little family.


About Us


We’ve been happily married for 20 years and have enjoyed many aspects of our life together, including travels to visit Miriam’s family in Slovakia, vacations and family reunions, and many family outings at local events or hiking in the nature.


Our daughter Bianca was adopted into our family at birth 3.5 years ago, and she is the light of our lives. For us she was a prayer answered after a long journey through our struggles with fertility and much soul searching. Our family is now ready to grow once more.


We have an open adoption with Bianca’s first family and have been in regular contact with her uncle, aunt and their 2 little daughters. We connected with her birthmother and siblings early in Bianca’s life and are hoping for more contact in the future. Our goal is to build an open and trusting relationship with our children’s first family if possible.


About Wes:

Wes is a wonderful father and husband to our family. Wes is very social and makes friends very easy. He’s a great provider and always involved hands-on in our family time. He loves being goofy and run around with Bianca and puppies playing all sorts of imaginary games. Wes is very loyal to his family, which is also evident in his family business with his dad and brother Chris. In his spare time, Wes enjoys outdoor activities (e.g. camping, playing soccer, hiking), learning martial arts, watching sports, and traveling.

– Miriam


About Miriam:


Miriam is remarkably kind and nurturing woman. It is clear in all she does, whether it’s in her work life as a social worker, supporting her women’s a Capella chorus, volunteering for homeless outreach, and most of all being a devoted wife and mother to our little girl and pets. She was the leading force on our journey to adoption, and I’m so grateful for that blessing.

In her spare time Miriam loves to sing, dance, perform with her chorus, crafting, hike, travel, and spend quality time with our little family.

– Wes


About our Home/Pets:


Our home is situated in a diverse and dynamic neighborhood where Wes grew up, full of mature trees, walking distance to the schools, parks, stores and restaurants. Wes’ parents also live in the neighborhood; this way grandma and grandpa, and even his siblings, routinely spend family time with Bianca. Our favorite time as a whole family is getting together for cookouts and outings for special occasions and holidays. The house has a sizable backyard with a pond with fountain, slide/swing playset, and a garden in which we grow herbs and vegetables. Bianca enjoys playing in a her sandbox, on the trampoline, swing/slide playset, or biking and riding scooter around the neighborhood.


We have 2 dogs – hound mixes, Ariel and Buddy. They’re like true siblings and very protective of Bianca. They love chasing critters, play fetch and tug-of-war outside, and go on long walks. We cannot wait to include Bianca’s new sibling in our family time.

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