We are Wes and Miriam. Thank you kindly for reading our profile. We are incredibly grateful and very excited to share our life with you in these few short pages. Our hearts are full of hope and excitement to meet our child soon. It’s wonderful and scary at the same time.

We would love to meet you soon and get to know you. Both of us recognize that this is a very trying and emotional time full of unknowns in your life, but we pray that we MAY bring you a boundless amount of strength, love and support throughout this journey.

About Us
A big part of our life is spending time as a family together with our puppies. We also love spending time with our friends and families for holidays, casual gatherings, or relaxing around a firepit. Traveling is something we both enjoy, having taken many trips to some of the most beautiful parts of the world. We cannot wait to share these moments with our children.

Wes thoroughly supports Miriam in all of her travels and endeavors with her show choir. Her big dream is to raise our children loving music and incorporate performing arts into our children’s activities.

Spiritually, we plan to raise our children in Christian faith according to Jesus’ Word.

About Him
Wes is the gentlest man I’ve ever known. What first attracted me to Wes was his romantic nature. He shows his love to me and our fur babies (Buddy and Ariel) every day in so many ways. His dedication and loyalty to all of his family is priceless and very admirable. He will give the shirt off of his back for anyone in his life at any given moment. He is very encouraging but also silly (makes me laugh) and playful. To relax after his work day, Wes loves activities that allow him to unwind, e.g. watching his favorite TV shows, practicing Kung Fu (martial arts), playing games, or wrestling with our doggies. Playtime and cuddles with our puppies are a great part of his daily routine, which he thoroughly enjoys. Wes loves children and his biggest accomplishment is to make them laugh. Wes is talented in making Donald Duck impressions that make little children giggle. I can’t wait for Wes to share his life adventures with our little ones.

About Her
Miriam is a remarkably kind and nurturing woman. It is clear in all she does. From going above and beyond as a social worker and taking on one of the most difficult management positions within her chorus, to organizing clothing drives and her volunteer work with homeless groups and caring for our two dogs.

While her compassion for others is admirable, what initially attracted me to her was her strength and courage to seek out the things she wants in life no matter the obstacles. On the volleyball courts, her ability to return one hard serve after another from the guys was more than mere skill and fortitude, but an example of her character to overcome the hurdles life tries to place between her and her goals.

Few people can say that by age 20 they had traveled alone half way around the world to a country which they had never been, not knowing anyone there, sought and earned a college degree taking classes in a language they had just become conversational in, didn’t settle until they got the type of first job they were passionate about, or took a leap of faith to marry the man they loved knowing that doing so would mean being thousands of miles away from the comfort of their family and friends. But that is exactly what Miriam did. And it is how I know with absolute conviction that she will be an amazing mother to our child/ren.

About our Home/Pets
Considering how close we are with Wes’ family, we lucked out in finding our home in the same neighborhood where his parents live and where Wes grew up. The neighborhood has a good mix of young families with children and also families that have been here for over 35+ years.We fully enjoy spending time in the spacious grassy backyard, which includes a raised garden and pond with a fountain. The neighborhood is safe, friendly and culturally diverse. We can walk to the local primary school as well as various grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. The playground is about 5 minutes by foot.

Ariel and Buddy are adopted from local rescue organizations; they’re hound mixes. Ariel and Buddy are big goofballs. They love each other as true siblings, even though they’re both adopted separately. They both thoroughly enjoy cuddles and think of their family as their pack. Both dogs have been exposed to children and behave well around them.