What does the adoption process look like?

The thought of dealing with your unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming!  Our goal is emotionally support whatever decision you make for your unborn child.  Below we break down the steps to making an adoption plan with Caring for Kids.


Contact CFK

We would love to hear from you via call, text, message, or email!  Your first step to getting information is to reach out and let us know you’re interested in learning more.  This initial connection can feel overwhelming, but we truly are here to help!  We are here to listen, educate, and overall HELP YOU!


Connect with A Counselor

We value the opportunity to get to know you.  Our goal is to connect you with a counselor after that initial contact that will walk you through your journey.  While we work as a team, we want you to have that one person to support you from the beginning.  We are happy to talk on the phone, text message, email, or video chat as you get to know us.  Ultimately, our goal is to have the opportunity to meet you face to face to explore your options when you are comfortable and ready.


Exploring Your Options

You have the ability to privately talk with a Birth Parent Counselor at Caring for Kids as you explore your options.  Our counselors have years of experience working with expectant moms as they consider adoption. They are sensitive to individual’s unique needs and desires for privacy. Choosing to meet with a counselor does not obligate you to move forward with an adoption plan.  Should you decide to move forward with an adoption plan, we are here to support you and your plan.


Choosing an Adoptive Family

Regardless of your situation, you have the right to select the potential adoptive family for your child.  The Birth Parent Counselor will talk with you about your health history.  It is important to share openly about any substance use and any other details that have impacted your pregnancy.  There is no judgement, only a desire to ensure that this information is shared appropriately to help your child thrive. Also discussed are family history, social history, requests for ongoing contact (openness), and other factors that may be important to you when considering parents for your child.  Other factors may include family make up, faith, location, or other important criteria specific to you.


Your Counselor will discuss any families you may be connected to that could potentially adoption your child.  Caring for Kids also has waiting families that may meet your specific requests.  You will personally select which family you feel is best for your child.  Your Counselor will facilitate a face to face visit or phone interview, if you wish, so you have the opportunity to talk with the chosen family and ensure you are comfortable with your decision.


It is not uncommon for us to work with women who make their first connection with us and a potential adoptive family while in the hospital.  We are equipped to help put an adoption plan in place immediately.  We also have options available to slow things down and give you time to think through your options before making any permanent decisions.


Making the Adoption Legal

After the 72 hour mandated waiting period has passed, you will be able to make a final and permanent decision to proceed with adoption.  It is always possible to take more time, if needed. When the time comes to sign your legal paperwork, you will meet with your Birth Parent Counselor, as well as an attorney that will represent your needs for the adoption.  You can ask anyone to be present that may be a support to you. Once the paperwork is complete, the baby will be placed with the adoptive family.


Post Placement Support

This is an emotional and difficult decision.  Your Birth Parent Counselor will meet with you regularly to provide counseling for grief and loss before and after birth. We also offer other free support services, such as an informal support group run by birth mothers and a birth mother retreat!  None of these services cost you any money.


No matter where you are in your parenting journey – pregnant or currently parenting – you can choose to explore adoption.  It is never too early or too late to call Caring for Kids and gather information.  Making this decision with licensed professionals makes this a safe and legitimate option for you and your baby.

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