Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Placing Your Baby Up For Adoption?

Nobody can tell you how you should feel when making decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy. But if you feel bad about the very thought of putting your baby up for adoption, you shouldn’t. It can be scary, it can be confusing, and it can feel like you’re about to make a decision you might later regret. The reality is, adoption can be a loving decision that is capable of changing both the baby’s life and yours.


Do you feel bad about considering adoption?

As it turns out, adoption does not mean you’re giving up on anything. Choosing to create an adoption plan can be the greatest sacrifice a mother can make. Here’s why:  Everyone’s circumstances are unique, and the adoption decision and journey are very different for everyone as well.


Whether it is because the unplanned pregnancy greatly disrupted your plans for the future, or because you feel you can’t provide your baby with the life you envision for them, adoption could be the right choice for you and your child.


The moment you come to realize that adoption might be worth considering…

You found out you’re pregnant and now you have to start planning for the future. It is probably scary and confusing to even think about considering your options. Are you struggling financially? Do you already have kids? Are you ready for this? Do you at least have someone who can help you parent?  Questions start to arise, and exploring all of your options begins to make more sense.


Our counselors offer free education and support as you explore the options available to you.  There is no pressure or obligation to proceed with adoption, just an open door to sit and talk about your fears and anxieties, and ask questions in a judgement free atmosphere.


Adoption can give you peace of mind and you can have a relationship with your child and their family

Adoption is many things, but it is not a bad decision. The benefits of adoption for you and your baby can be beautiful. Your baby will have a loving and caring family that you hand picked for them. They can get opportunities that you might feel unable to provide, and for parents today , an adoption plan is not goodbye.


Now you can choose an open adoption plan with an adoptive family that desires the same level of ongoing contact as you. Open adoption is a type of adoption in which you can actually have contact with the baby even after the adoption has taken place.  You can choose how this looks – whether that is exchanging emails, regular phone calls or texts, and even face to face visits.


Not only are you in charge of the process from start to finish, but you also get guidance and support from experienced counselors. You are in control and get to decide if you will choose adoption and what your adoption plan will look like.


Placing a baby for adoption is really a brave and loving choice

Adoption is often seen as inconceivable by some people, but that does not make it wrong.  All your concerns are valid, but you should also keep in mind that making this choice can provide peace and stability for you and your child.


With today’s options and support resources, you don’t need to go through the unknown alone. Instead, you can make informed choices and communicate your needs and preferences so we can help you make a plan that best suits you.


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Let us help you find resources, get relevant information about putting your baby up for adoption, and get educated so you have confidence you made the right choice for you and your baby. You can contact Caring for Kids at any time for free guidance and support, so you can make informed decisions that align with your values and expectations.

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