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About Us

About Us

Program Objectives

Foster Care–Places, monitors, and provides support to 60+ children a year in the agency’s licensed foster homes.

Private Adoption–Counsel and support potential birth parents in the creation of an adoption a plan for their unborn child. Places an average of 48 infants a year with adoptive families.

Public Adoption–Identifies children throughout Ohio and the United States that reside in foster care homes, but legally free for adoption and matches them with pre-adoptive parents who are looking to build their families through adoption.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids–Recruits adoptive families for 120+ of the longest waiting and hardest to place foster children in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties.

Our Mission

Caring for Kids, Inc. is a private non-profit, full-service adoption and foster care agency serving the entire state of Ohio. We believe that every child, regardless of gender, race, nationality, age, or special need, deserves a family.

Through education and support, Caring for Kids, Inc. is dedicated to creating stability for children and families.

My experience with Caring for Kids was great! I was provided a great deal of support by my caseworker, who was available to me whenever I needed her. I had the opportunity to work with the executive director; her wisdom and personal experience helped guide me through the adoption process. I was impressed that she took the time out of her busy schedule to meet with me on a weekly basis. The name of the agency should speak for itself.
SonyaFoster-to-Adoptive Parent

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Foster Care 101

Currently in the United States, there are over 100,000 children in foster care and there is a very urgent need for foster families.  Consider coming to one of our upcoming “Foster Care 101” […]

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Waiting Children

  • DiamondDiamond
    Diamond is an intelligent teen girl who loves shopping and being with friends. Her favorite restaurant right now is Chipotle. Diamond tries hard to take care of herself and wants …

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Adoptive Families

  • Amy & Tim (and Sutter)Amy & Tim (and Sutter)
    1: Introduction: We are Tim and Amy (and Sutter)… We are truly humbled that you would consider us to raise your child. While we cannot even begin to understand how …

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Our Partners

  • Adoption Network
  • Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies
  • North American Council on Adoptable Children