Volunteer Opportunities

As a not-for-profit agency, Caring for Kids is always seeking volunteers to assist us with our mission to help children in need of loving families. Caring for Kids can utilize volunteers in a number of capacities throughout the year. Caring for Kids needs help from volunteers that wish to help in a significant but indirect way. These needs include: various fundraisers, organizing and/or contributing to our Annual Ice Cream Social, community relationship/speaking opportunities, preparing meals, making cards, sorting and organizing Christmas donations, etc. We are often looking for an extra set of hands!

Caring for Kids also has three major ongoing volunteer opportunities made especially for those that want to have a direct impact with the children and families we serve.

1 Become a P.L.A.Y. Volunteer

PLAY (Positive Learning for Adults and Youth) is CFK’s monthly foster parent training which happens the second Tuesday of every month from 6:00pm-8:30pm. P.L.A.Y. is provided to foster families to assist them in obtaining their ongoing education (foster parents must complete 40-60 hours of ongoing education to maintain their certificate), while providing attentive, nurturing child-care for the foster parent’s foster, adopted and biological children. The children have the opportunity to play games, shoot hoops in the gym, make crafts or work on homework. There is even an inflatable bouncy house set up for the younger children! Volunteers are needed to help care for the children while the adults receive their training. Volunteers who come consistently are assigned to the same child each month to help build a relationship between the volunteer and child. We do our best to accommodate requests for a specific age group according to the children who RSVP to attend each month. Come join us for dinner at 6:00 and special time with the children from 6:30-8:30 once a month!

2 Become an Alternate Caregiver

In foster care, children cannot be left with a caregiver who is not approved so in order for foster parents to get a break, go out for some alone time, or even just go to the doctor on their own, they must have an approved alternate caregiver who can care for the children in the foster parent’s absence. To put it simply, alternate care is really just a fancy term for babysitting.

3 Ongoing Project Needs  

As needs arise within our various programs, so do our need for volunteers.  Whether it is helping sew a weighted blanket for a child to help with anxiety or trauma symptoms or helping sort donations and gifts (especially during the holiday season) we always have a need for volunteers.  Please contact us to see what our current projects and needs are!

Call or contact Caring for Kids today at 330.928.0044 or info@cfkadopt.org for more details on any of our volunteer opportunities. Make a difference in a child’s life – we’d love to have you!