Brandon & Kristi

Thank you for honoring us by taking the time to review our profile! We acknowledge your tremendous strength and courage as you make this decision. Please know that we think about and pray for you daily. We know that God has a plan for each and every person on this earth, and we believe in His perfect timing. Becoming parents to your precious baby would be the most treasured gift we have ever received. We are excited for you to get to know us better and hope to get to know you soon!


About Us

Brandon grew up in the suburbs of a city in western Ohio and attended the University of Toledo. Kristi grew up in rural eastern Ohio and attended Walsh University. We met through a mutual friend in college and dated for four years prior to getting married in 2015. Four years into our relationship, Kristi moved to North Carolina for her first job as a pediatric physical therapist. Shortly after, we got engaged and Brandon joined Kristi in North Carolina. We got married in 2015 surrounded by family and friends, and the following year we moved back to Ohio to be closer to our families. We had plans to start a family of our own through natural conception but realized God had other plans! After seeking God’s will in the face of infertility, we fell in love with adoption and came to know this was the plan God had for us all along.


About Brandon

Brandon is the most fun loving likeable guy I know! I’ve always admired his ability to make small talk and maintain friendships. He’s wonderfully sweet and caring, consistently placing the needs of others before his own. I’ve really enjoyed watching him interact and grow his relationships with our nieces and nephew, who know him as the ‘fun one’. When asked about what brings her joy, our niece immediately exclaimed to her parents, “Brandon!”

Brandon enjoys his work as a full time civil engineer and looks forward to obtaining his professional engineering license soon. He often likes to go golfing with friends in his free time. Other hobbies include reading, listening to podcasts, and hiking.
– Kristi


About Kristi

Kristi is the rock of my life. She is kind, encouraging and always knows how to make me laugh. Kristi loves baking new recipes, which I gladly taste test. Her happy place is the beach, where you will often find us in the summer.

God has given Kristi a gift with children. At any family or friend get together, the children flock to her immediately. She loves to play imaginative games and make silly faces with our nieces and nephew . Children are a large part of Kristi’s heart.

Kristi is a pediatric physical therapist and a rehab supervisor. She works four days a week with additional flexibility to work from home.
– Brandon


About our Home/Pets

We currently live in a beautiful two-story house in a quiet suburban neighborhood filled with lots of family homes. We have shaded front and back yards with plenty of room to play. There is also a wonderful community park within walking distance of our home which includes playgrounds, sports fields and courts, space for hiking and biking, and a pool. We live in an excellent school district with all schools within ten minutes of our home. Our nieces and nephew love to come visit and go on walks around the neighborhood, draw with sidewalk chalk, chase bubbles, play catch, and pet the neighbors’ dogs. We also enjoy entertaining them with imaginative play, dance party singalongs, and any other games we can think of!


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