Brian & Tegan

Hello! Thank you for stopping and getting to know our little family. We strongly believe in the value of openness for both adoptees and first families, and want you to know that if you choose our family, you will be welcomed as part of it.


About Us

Our family includes Brian (41), Tegan (38), and our son, Charlie (3). We live in a house just outside of a small city, and have a big yard with lots of space to play. We enjoy gardening, hiking, art, reading, and travel.


About Brian

Brian is a natural resources manager for the Ohio National Guard. He is also a passionate botanist, and spends his free time collecting plants all over Ohio. He also enjoys gardening, and maintains a native plant field, a vegetable garden, many flower gardens, and an orchard. Charlie loves following him around the yard and helping with digging and watering.


About Tegan

Tegan is an adjunct professor of public health at Kent State University. Her research focuses on opioid addiction and recovery. She loves arts and crafts, and spends her free time painting, making cards, creating toys for Charlie, and embroidering. She also enjoys writing, and is working on a fantasy novel. She loves telling stories to Charlie and taking him to the library.


About our Home/Pets

We live in a brick cape cod on a big plot of land in the country. We moved in in 2015, and have spent the past 8 years making this house a home. Brian has used native plants to make the yard a healthy habitat for animals, and has also included a lot of vegetables, fruit trees, nut trees, and bushes. Tegan has worked just as hard to make the interior welcoming, decorating with her own paintings, photos from our travels, and a wall sized mural in the nursery. We have three friendly cats that enjoy cuddles and regularly beg for treats.

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