Dan and Angela

We first want to say thank you so much for choosing life. We cannot imagine the emotions you must have had when finding out you were pregnant and then to continue on towards the amazing, selfless journey of adoption; it is truly an act of pure love.


We would love to be able to tell you a little about ourselves. My name is Angela and my husband’s name is Dan. We started dating in high school, so we have been together for just over twelve years and we have been married for 5 of those years. We both grew up with adoption on our hearts and we are excited to be on this adoption journey!


Sometimes it seems a little silly to always be talking about ourselves so we thought it was easier to write about each other.


Introducing Dan – written by Angela

Even though we started dating when we were young, I knew Dan was unique. His strength and compassion are traits that I’ve always admired about him. He knows how to joke and have fun but he is also very driven and has one of the kindest hearts you’ll know. Before getting married, during the entire 7 years that we were dating and engaged, he would give me a rose on every monthly anniversary. It has been such a joy getting to grow up together and watch him mature into who he is now. He is a clinical nurse manager which allows him to care for patients in need and also allows him to help teach new nurses. Dan of course enjoys spending time with me, as well as playing games with his brother and his friends, grilling out on our patio while the weather is nice and playing with our dog. At home he has become quite the handyman and we have worked on many home projects together. Dan has told me multiple times how much he is looking forward to teaching our kids how to play catch in our backyard. I am so excited to eventually watch him fulfill his dream of becoming a Dad and raise our future children while being an active part of their lives.


Introducing Angela- written by Dan

Angela is my light in this world. I am convinced she is one of the most loving people I have ever met, and she was practically born to be a mom. She is selfless, loving, and always finds joy in helping others. She works as a Labor and delivery nurse and I can’t think of a job more fitting. She comes home everyday with stories about being able to help welcome babies into the world, and how much she learned about the parents. She loves spending time with me and her friends regardless of what we are doing. She has many close friends and impresses me every day with how connected to others she is. She is my partner in this world and I’m looking forward to raising children together.


For a while now, we have dreamt about our future family. We are looking forward to the day to day joys of raising children together as well as excitement for the bigger adventures we will experience together. We can’t wait to go on neighborhood walks, explore new parks, hike to see waterfalls, introduce them to new foods, travel to experience new sites and cultures and to create lasting memories together. We value quality time and we want our children to always feel safe, supported and valued. We can’t wait to share their lives with our family, extended family and friends.


It must be such a heavy responsibility to choose a family who would be worthy enough of your child. We cannot begin to place ourselves in your position but we want to thank you for taking the time to briefly get to know us. It is important to us that any future children of ours know where they come from, and we will speak often about their birth mother’s bravery and love for them.


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