Erin & David


Hello! Our names are Erin and David. We are grateful that you have taken the time to learn a little bit about us. We truly cannot know what you are feeling as you make this decision, but please know that we admire and respect you.


About Us

-We love laughing through life together and having fun.

-We met on December 29, 2013

-We are both teachers and have a love for children and helping others.

-We are very close with our family and see them often.

-We have 8 nieces and nephews who can’t wait to have a baby cousin!

-We love going to see Cleveland sports together.

-We love spending time with friends and consider them part of our family.

-We also enjoy nights in binging tv shows and hanging out with our puppy, Mulligan.

-We both have experience working with children from all different backgrounds.

-We have the most amazing support system!


A Little Bit About David Written By Erin

David has the biggest heart. He shows me each day how much loves and cares for me and always puts our family first. He has the most amazing sense of humor and always has me laughing. Watching him with our nieces and nephews is one of my favorite things because he is so good with them! He is not only the fun uncle, but also the caring uncle who gives the best advice. He is passionate about everything he does whice makes him an incredible teacher, partner, friend, uncle, and future father.


A Little Bit About Erin Written By David

There is not a more kindhearted, loving, and truly overall caring person than Erin. She always wants to help out, contribute, or just keep others in mind in whatever she does. This holds true with not only our family, but for her friends, and even strangers as well. The way that Erin nurtures and cares for so many different people just reassures that she will be an amazing mother. When it comes to Erin, you have hit the jackpot and so have I. She is that good of a person and she will be an even better mother.


About our Home/Pets

We are so lucky that the majority of our family and friends live locally. We love spending time with them and get to see them all often! We are very close with our families. We celebrate birthdays together, get together for dinner, watch sports together, and even travel together!  We also have a puppy, Mulligan, who can’t wait to be a big brother!

We are thinking of you as you make this incredibly difficult decision. We appreciate and

are honored with any consideration you give us.

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