Jim and Megan

Hello! My name is Megan and my husband is Jim. We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to potentially raise and love your child. It is a remarkably honest, selfless and admirable action.

About Us:
Jim and I have been married for 10 years. We started dating shortly after we met 16 years ago in Bowling Green, Ohio. Jim’s ice breaker was a conversation about Beverly Hills 90210. We married in 2009. Quinn is our miracle baby and Wheeler is our fur baby. It is our hope that we can add to our little family and that Quinn will get to be a BIG sister!

About Jim:
Jim is originally from Youngstown and went to college in Toledo (which is how we met). Jim is a Math man and has an Engineering background. He currently leads large capital projects for a global manufacturing company. Jim is an avid drag racer and competes in throughout Ohio. While he loves racing, his first and foremost love is being a Dad. Jim enjoys seeing Quinn grow and prosper in all aspects of her life.
*3 words about Jim (from Megan): loyal, hard working, sense of humor

About Megan:
I grew up in Toledo, went to college in Michigan and eventually made my way out to Cleveland as an adult! I’m currently in my 5th year as a high school Special Education teacher. These high school kids make my head spin just as much as they make me smile and laugh. I wouldn’t have any other job. However, my favorite job is being a mom to Quinn. This has been the most challenging; yet, rewarding job I have ever been fortunate to get. It is my purpose in life to teach her to be a respectful, kind and loving human.
*3 words about Megan (from Jim): fantastic mother, loyal, compassionate

About Quinn:
If we are given the opportunity to love your child, he/she will get the best big sister ever! Quinn Kathleen is our sweet, opinionated, funny, smart, wildly imaginative 7-year-old. Right now, she is having a great time with her friends in first grade. Her favorite subjects are recess and art. Quinn loves to dance, color, play pretend, love on her dog and swim.

Our house sits on an acre of land, in a nice, shaded neighborhood that is perfect for taking walk with Wheeler. We have loved 2 dogs prior to Wheeler and lost them both to old age. For us, dogs will always be part of our lives. We passed this love for animals onto Quinn and hope to do the same for our next child. For fun, we like to listen to music, eat out at different restaurants, go to Indians games, explore Cleveland and take vacations to Hilton Head Island, SC in the summer.

Again, thank you for reading about us. If you choose us to be the parents of your child we will work hard to create an open and respectful relationship that is comfortable for everyone. We want this child to know that he/she is loved and supported by all of us.

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