Marco & Jenae


We are Marco and Jenae, and we have a seven-year-old daughter, Gabrielle. We want to thank you for taking the time to read our profile book. We are very excited about the opportunity to provide a secure, loving, and nurturing home for another child and a sibling for our daughter. She is so happy about the idea that she will have a little sister or brother to love. We promise to give your child a life filled with love, security, and support.


About Us


We are a family first, devoted to providing a supportive, loving, nurturing, and fun household. We like to travel, try new foods, and spend time with family and friends. Our favorite activity as a family is movie night. We enjoy cuddling up on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn and watching our favorite Disney movies. We enjoy playing games, baking cookies, taking walks, and spending quality time with Gabrielle.


About Marco:


I am Marco, and I was born and raised in Ohio. I enjoy my career working in the community, teaching, and mentoring kids. I love being a dad to Gabrielle. I love taking long walks and exploring new parks all over the city with her. I am a movie fanatic, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks. My passion is mentoring and volunteering. I want to help others in need and provide support to young people.


About Jenae:


I am Jenae, and I grew up in Florida and moved to Ohio when I was in high school. I absolutely love being a mom! Raising and nurturing our daughter is very important to me, and I look forward to providing this for another child. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, creating artwork, and baking with Gabrielle. I also love spending time with my family and friends playing games and watching movies.


About our Home/Pets:


Gabrielle is our 7-year-old daughter. She is a lovely girl and is looking forward to being a big sister. She loves baking desserts, creating art, and building towers.

Sunny is our family dog. He is a 15-year-old poodle and bichon frise mix breed. He is very friendly and enjoys chest rubs.


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