Matt & Brad


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family and us. We admire your courage as you make this very selfless and loving decision for your baby. We want you to know from the start, that our faith and love have led us to adoption. We are lucky to be offering not only just ourselves and love but also the love of our entire family.  Our extended family has grown through adoption and knows first hand what a blessing it can be. Please know we are committed to providing a lifetime of love and opportunities for your child.
Our marriage is built on faith, love, trust, honesty and friendship. We have been married for 5 years and continue to love going on new adventures with each other. Our love will make a strong foundation for our family. We both grew up in loving and supportive homes where the importance of family was always valued. We will offer that same love to your child.


We both work in the medical field. Brad is a nurse and Matt is a recreation therapist. We both work with Veterans. Our careers provide us with financial stability while doing things we love. This stability will allow Matt to spend more time at home being a house husband. As well, it will provide opportunity to create a college fund and additional opportunities.


The two of us share a love for travel and have been able to explore many places in the United States and abroad. We plan to travel internationally in the future. We are excited to share the world with a child during family vacations to the beach, Disney World, and Rocky Mountains. Life long memories will be made with day trips to the zoo, museums, aquarium and sporting events.  Our family is local as well as many friends who have begun to have families of their own, which we cannot wait to have play dates and watch future childhood friendships develop.


A child growing up in our home will know days of make-believe play, hide & seek and evenings of lullabies and bedtime stories. Saturday morning breakfasts and church on Sundays. Summers at the pool and winters sled riding. They will have a family fan club at every activity and never go a day without hugs and kisses.


Please note, if you choose to place your child in our home and hearts they will be given a life with a family that will love them unconditionally and treasure them endlessly.


Thank you and God bless, Matt & Brad


About Us
We met at an event and maintained contact leading up to dating. We were both in college at the time in different states and took weekend trips to see each other where out love of adventure grew as we visited new parks, cities and restaurants or spent the weekend making homemade pizzas and baking aside from homework. We loved spending time with each other. We could not imagine spending time without each other! We got married three years later and love every minute together.


Our partnership is built on good communication, mutual respect for each other’s feelings and beliefs. The two of us balance each other very well which makes new projects and adventures fun. We love to make each other laugh and support each other as we grow and pursue our passions.


From the start, we built our lives with the intention that we would have a growing family. Through patience and prayer we came to the decision to adopt. We are excited about becoming parents and building our family through adoption. We cannot wait to share our love with a child through adoption. We want to provide a home where they can feel free to dream and are comfortable with who they are. We want them to be confident and know they will always be loved.


“You are only free when you belong no place – you belong every place- no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.”


About Us – Favorites


Moment that brings Brad joy:  – spending time with friends and family
Holiday – Thanksgiving
Season – Summer
Food – Homemade Eggplant Parmesan
Vacation Spot – Mountains of Central Western Hondoras and Rainforest of Costa Rica


Moment that brings Matt joy: Cuddling with Brad and Sadie on the couch watching a TV show
Holiday – Christmas
Season – Summer/Fall (cold warm and cozy outfits)
Food – Anything Brad cooks, especially his signature homemade Italian dishes
Vacation – Honeymoon at Disney in Florida



We love our home and our neighborhood. We live in a spacious home on 3/4ths of an acre. Our large family room is perfect for playing games and watching movies. There are plenty of bedrooms with one waiting to be decorated blue or pink with the child we are blessed with. The yard is great for playing tag, soccer games, playing with Sadie, campfires, and watching fireworks on the fourth of July. We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood where we can come home and relax after a long day and enjoy nature. Our neighbors are friendly where we always see neighborhood kids playing. Our neighborhood is very diverse and has a pond to walk, bike, jog around or fish in.

We cannot forget to mention our dog Sadie. There is never a dull moment in our home with her around. Sadie is our labradoodle, full of energy and personality. She loves to play soccer, daily runs, checking out local nature parks, playing tug and fetch. She never turns down an opportunity to play with little one as she loves to play with our little nieces and nephews. Sadie is full of energy but loves to cuddle and is very gentle. She never misses a chance to snuggle up with anyone taking a nap. Our sweet, gently and trained puppy will make a wonderful pet and playmate for the child that joins our home.

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