Mike and Jenn


Hello! We are Mike and Jenn and we are excited to be adopting for the third time. We are so thankful that you are taking the time to look over our profile and get to know us a bit better. We are forever amazed by the strength and courage of our sons’ birthparents and know that we are thinking and praying for you as well as you make this decision for your child. We hope to have the chance to meet you soon!


About Us


We met in middle school when Jenn moved to town in the 6th grade. However, we did not begin dating until 2 weeks before high school graduation. We dated through college and got married in 2014. We always knew adoption would be a part of our family and had long discussions about it long before we were married. In 2017, our son Benjamin came to us through Caring for Kids and he was adopted in 2018. Our son Simon was born in 2020 and was adopted into our family in 2021. Our lives are really centered around the boys and family time. We love playing games, going hiking, and visiting all kinds of places together! We love being parents and cannot wait to welcome another little one to the mix!


About Mike:


Mike is very driven and ambitious, but his family is the most important thing to him. He works from home as a web content creator and is self-employed so he has a fairly flexible schedule to be with the boys. Mike is so patient with the boys and he loves to be goofy and have silly fun with them. One of their favorite games to play with each other is “Daddy Monster” where Mike chases the boys through the house or yard. It usually ends in endless giggles and shrieks of happiness and joy. Mike’s hobbies include bowling, golf, and video games all of which have been shared with the boys on various occasions. Mike is an amazing, kind, fun-loving dad who is never afraid to be silly. He is a true blessing to our family.


About Jenn:


Jenn is patient, organized and nurturing. She values family quality time and is always planning outings and activities to do together as a family. She works as a special education teacher for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. Jenn is the kind of mom that includes the kids in everything we do. She is always letting the boys help cook or bake with her if they want to, making fun crafts, playing board games, and visiting new places with the boys. As a teacher, she has lots of breaks and summers off which are all dedicated to the kids and creating memories together. Jenn’s hobbies include crochet and reading. The boys aren’t really interested in crochet, but she reads to the boys every night before bed. It is one of their favorite times of the day to curl up together and share a good story. Jenn is an incredible mom and the effort she puts into parenting is amazing.


About our Home/Pets:


We have a spacious ranch style home in a small, quiet, diverse neighborhood. When looking for a home, open space was a priority for us because we wanted room for the kids to be able to play without being on top of each other. We have a large yard with a play set and rock pit for the boys to dig and play in. We also built a fire pit in the back to enjoy cookouts on summer nights. In the front, the boys love to ride their bikes, draw chalk, blow bubbles, and play basketball in the driveway. Our home is set up around the boys’ needs and we love that it provides us spaces to be together as a family.


We have two cats, Seymour and Nova. Seymour is shy and will often hide out in Jenn and Mike’s bedroom until the boys go to bed. Nova is playful, but also snuggly when she wants to be. Nova thinks she is the boys’ mother and is always right beside them where ever they are. The boys absolutely adore her to pieces!

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