Mike, Kristina & Brayden

We are Michael, Kristina and Brayden. We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you! We can only imagine how difficult this decision feels for you. Your precious baby comes first in your eyes, and that is so powerful and loving. You are an amazing woman.

About Us
We met in college, and have been married for 9 great years. We can honestly say we are best friends – we laugh together, cry together, and can’t imagine walking through life without each other. After being married for 5 years, we adopted our handsome little boy Brayden through Caring for Kids. He is cheerful, smart, funny, and kind. Easily the sweetest little boy you’d ever meet, and can’t wait to be a big brother. As a family, some of our favorite things to do include dance parties in the kitchen, outdoor adventures, and snuggling up on the couch to read together.

About Him
Mike is a pastor at a local church, and a fan of all things sports related. According to Kristina, he is a strong, caring, playful and loving dad. He is so good at making people laugh, especially our son Brayden. He is easily Brayden’s favorite playmate, whether they are building forts or going on hikes. He never fails to come up with a game or activity that draws Brayden in with excitement. He is an amazing dad.

About Her
Kristina spends most of the week at home loving on Brayden, and works one day a week as a clinical counselor. According to Mike, Kristina is a thoughtful, compassionate, and intuitive mom. She is someone who overflows with love. But not just in a general way, her gift is to love people in the way they need. It makes her a wonderful part-time counselor, and an even better full-time mom.

About our Home
We live in a family-friendly diverse neighborhood. It is a city with great school systems and a lot of family-oriented activities, including a playground in our neighborhood. Once we adopted Brayden, it was important to us that he grew up in a city in which he had classmates, teachers, coaches, neighbors and friends that looked like him. We moved into our city and neighborhood with that intention.

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers on a regular basis as you make this hard decision. Thank you for considering us as you make the best decision for you and your baby. We are so thankful to share this journey with you, and we look forward to meeting you!

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