Introduction- Thank you for taking the time to read about us! This will be our second adoption. Our first adoption was in February 2017. The reason we have chosen to adopt is because we had two children pass away from a rare genetic disease. We wanted to be parents and knew God would lead us to the right situation. Adoption has truly been a blessing for us and we are looking forward to adding another child to our family.

About Us- We met in college and were married shortly after we both graduated. Stephanie teaches high school language arts and Pat sells seed to farmers. We are very active in our community through church, 4-H and coaching. Our faith is very important to us and we attend church just about every Sunday. We are also lucky enough to be in a Bible study group with some good friends of ours. When we aren’t busy with our activities, we enjoy spending time with our family, friends, going to baseball games, or spending time at home.

About Him– Pat loves kids and kids love him. He serves as our Cloverbud advisor which is for the kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Those kids are so excited to come to our 4-H meetings once a month so they can do their activities with Pat. He also helps coach a 10 and under baseball team in our community. When we are out in public, his players come running up to him to say hello. He is a very hard worker as well. He has recently just started selling seed by himself; before he was selling for another distributor. He doesn’t know a stranger and is willing to talk to anyone. Pat also enjoys helping Stephanie’s father on the family farm especially during planting and harvesting. Some of his other hobbies include hunting and fishing.

About Her– Stephanie teaches at the high school that she attended. Teaching is truly a passion for her. She doesn’t call her students her students, she calls them her kids because she cares so much about them. She also coaches volleyball and enjoys getting to know the girls outside of the classroom. 4-H was a big part of Stephanie’s life growing up and gave her a lot of unique opportunities that shaped her into the person she is today. Because of that, she is now an adult volunteer through 4-H, so the kids in the community today can have the same opportunities. Some of Stephanie’s hobbies include quilting, cooking/baking, and reading.

About our Home/Pets– We have lived in our home since 2011. We live close to Stephanie’s parents and sister. We are also close to the school Stephanie teaches at and the school that our children will attend. We live in the woods so our neighbors are not too close, which we like. We have one Welsh corgi that is 4 years old. He is wonderful with children and has plenty of energy to keep up with them.