Sadie & Phil



We want to start off by thanking you for reading our story and for considering us as part of your adoption plan. We know that you are facing a difficult decision, and we are thankful for you. We hope that as you read our story you will be able to see the love we have for each other and also for our family. We are excited to introduce ourselves to you!


Sadie & Phil


About Us:


We met in college in 2014 through mutual friends. At the time, Philip was studying to be a classical musician and Sadie was studying to be an Italian teacher. Our first date was full of laughter and feeling like we had known each other forever. We stayed at the restaurant until it closed and looking back, our story was only just beginning!


We got married in 2020 and even though it was in the middle of the pandemic, we had an intimate wedding with immediate family and close friends. We’ve had many adventures together, and we’re excited to start this new chapter together!


About Phil:


I fell in love with Phil because of how fun he is and how passionate he is when it comes to something or someone he loves. His relationship with his family is incredible and seeing the bond he has with his younger sisters is amazing. I have younger sisters myself so having someone who also has a strong relationship with siblings is important. I remember when we first started dating, he showed me videos he made with his sisters where they were being silly or recreating movie scenes. I knew in that moment that he was going to be a great dad one day. Seeing the bond he has created with my sisters has shown me this even more.


Phil is also intelligent, talented, ambitious, fun, and I can go on. I also love how he is able to have fun wherever we go whether that is making up a game or wanting to just try a new ice cream shop. Phil has added so many fun adventures to our lives, and I love that so much! I feel like we’re always trying something new together!


I know Phil is going to be a wonderful dad. He is trustworthy, kind, patient, and is always making everyone laugh. He is an incredible husband, a loving brother, and a caring son. I’m so excited to see him become a dad!


– Sadie


About Sadie:


I fell in love with Sadie when I saw how caring and loving she can be. I love when her eyes light up at the sight of a cute animal or baby. There is no one better at caring for others in need. Sadie has a deep level of empathy for all things and she is able to understand and accept all people because of this. Family is extremely important to her and I see everyday how she tries to be a great wife, sister, and daughter. She always goes above and beyond to show those in her life that she cares for them, whether that means planning a surprise birthday party, going on a trip, or looking for new adventures, she exemplifies love and commitment in everyday life.


Sadie is an artist at heart and has a strong desire to connect to people through being creative. When she teaches a subject such as Italian or writing, she is thinking of newways to connect with students while also helping them learn. She started a photography business on her own and really shines in being able to be creative and provide people with great memories to last a lifetime. It has been amazing to be with her and watch her grow in her creative endeavors and I know she will foster love and creativity as a mother.


Sadie is always seeking creative outlets, deeply loves her firends and family, and truly cares about those in her community. I have never met a person who would be a better mom and caregiver than her and I am very honored and excited to start a family with her. She also happens to be my best friend too, so it’s extra special for me!


– Phil


About our Home/Pets:


We have two male cats names Han Solo and Luke. When we adopted Hans, his name was chosen for him so we decided to keep the Star Wars theme for their names.


We adopted Hans in 2017. We were looking for a cat that is better for people with allergies because Phil is allergic (not severely). Hans is part Russian Blue and is a snuggle bug! He has such a unique personality and snuggles with Sadie any time he gets. His favorite place is always laying on Sadie’s feet!


We found Luke abandoned outside our home in 2020 and, even though he is not a hypoallergenic cat, we immediately fell in love with him and so did Hans. We brought him in and he has built a strong connection with Phil! He is Phil’s little shadow following him everywhere. He is always purring and wants to snuggle with him!


Our community is safe and has so much to do! There is a huge park near us that has many activities: ballfields, playgrounds, and trails to walk. We love talking walks in the park when the weather is nice. On Sundays, we love going to breakfast at a local cafe. It has become a tradition of ours!


We’re also not far from the city which also adds many more activities that we can do!


Our home is warm and loving. We decorate for every holiday, with Halloween being Sadie’s favorite and Thanksgiving being Phil’s favorite! Although we love Fall holidays, we also love Summer time where we can take a walk around our neighborhood and spend time in our pool. Also, we have an annual trip to the beach in Florida every Summer!

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