Shawn & Erin


We are Shawn and Erin Robinson. Thank you for taking time to learn about us. We feel that your decision to consider an adoption plan for your baby is incredibly loving and brave. We hope you find strength, love and clarity in the difficult decisions that lay ahead.


About Us


We are high school sweethearts and have spent over half of our lives together (17 years!). We love spending time together, with our pets, and with our loved ones. Trying new restaurants, rooting for our Cleveland sports teams and enjoying cook outs with friends are some of our favorite things.


Our parenting journey has been incredibly difficult and equally beautiful. Our daughter Ruby was born premature in 2018. She sadly passed away after a brief NICU stay. As much as we miss Ruby, we love her even more. We are so proud to be her parents. She inspires us to hold on to the hope of raising a child.


We are excited to grow our family and share our love. We look forward to doing all the parenting things (the tough stuff and the good stuff) and promise to love, support and encourage our children throughout their lives.



About Shawn:


Shawn has a masters degree in environmental science and works as a state employee performing biological surveys on streams in Northeast Ohio. He enjoys fishing, watching soccer, and staying active. He loves taking family walks with Annie (our golden retriever) through the Cleveland Metroparks. Shawn is kind, funny and easy going. He is very outgoing and fun to be around.


About Erin:


Erin has a bachelors degree in social work. She works in Human Resources as a payroll analyst. She loves sewing, volunteering, reading and gardening. Erin is a home body and can often be found curled up on the couch with a good book and cuddly Severus (our cat). She is kind, thoughtful and compassionate.


About our Home/Pets:


We live in the suburbs on Cleveland’s west side. Our home is cozy and comfortable. It has three bedrooms, spacious living areas, and a large fenced-in yard. We are close to the elementary schools and playgrounds. Erin’s parents live one mile away and most of our friends and family are in neighboring cities.


Annie is our 3 year old golden retriever. She is the sweetest! Annie loves all people, tennis balls, and snacks. She is so well behaved and brings us so much joy.


Severus is our 6 year old gray cat. He is hysterical! Sevy is determined, curious and so cuddly. He never fails to make us laugh.

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