Steve & Amanda


Our names are Steve and Amanda. Thank you for taking a moment to view our profile and learn a little about us as you consider making an adoption plan for your child. We currently have one son, Colin, from Steve’s first marriage, and the three of us are very excited about adding to our family through adoption.

About Steve and Amanda:
This year, we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and 7 years together. Our relationship is based on love, trust, respect and communication, and creates a solid foundation on which to grow our family. We have been blessed with a life that is full of contentment, joy, and laughter, and we cannot wait to share all of that with another child.

What Amanda Says About Steve:
Steve is patient, kind, thoughtful, and always puts our family first. He loves spending quality time with Colin, whether that means taking in a movie or helping him with homework, and he’s never too busy to hear about Colin’s day, his friends, or his latest interests. Steve is always there to encourage and support us, and we couldn’t ask for a better husband and father.

What Steve Says About Amanda:
Amanda is intelligent, compassionate, and one of the most giving people I know. She has a positive nature and puts her whole heart into everything she does. Her optimism and creativity give her the ability to find the adventure in normal, everyday activities, a trait which never fails to keep things fun. Colin and I both feel extremely lucky to have her in our lives.

What We Say About Colin:
Colin is 15 years old and will start 10th grade this fall. In addition to being very smart and inquisitive, Colin is both helpful and patient with our little nieces and nephews – he’s always willing to build a tower that can be knocked down or read a bedtime story, complete with different voices for each character. Although he claims to be allergic to changing diapers, Colin is looking forward to the many other aspects of having a younger sibling, and we know that he will be a wonderful big brother!

Our dog, Max:
Max is a Jack Russell Terrier – he’s very social, and always wants to greet the people and other dogs we encounter on walks.He loves to cuddle, and is happiest when snuggled up next to someone. Max has proven to be good with kids of all ages, and will be a wonderful pet and playmate for the child that joins our family.

Our Home:
We live in a quiet and safe suburb of Central Ohio, which is known for its excellent schools. We love living here because it allows us to be close to family, and also offers a wide range of things to do. Our house is within walking distance of several parks with playgrounds, a library, and two community swimming pools, as well as being just a short drive away from numerous other activities.

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