Tiffany and Joe


Thank you for taking the time to consider our family! This journey takes impeccable strength and courage and we are honored to have crossed paths.


About Us

Joe and I met in high school and grew up in the same neighborhood. We always liked each other and started dating in 2009. We eloped in a Las Vegas ceremony in 2011. Shortly after marriage, we started a family. We have a 10-year-old son named Jordan . He is funny, loves to play video games, make animations, cook, and make art/crafts. Jordan is loving, caring, and has exceptionally high emotional intelligence. He is gentle, kind, and considerate.

We are a family that loves to have fun! We vacation annually, celebrate special occasions in a “big” way, and put our family first.

We have always wanted to adopt, and the initial thought was after we struggled with infertility in 2011. February 2013, we welcomed boy/girl twins through our first and only IVF attempt and knew then our family was not complete. In August 2013, our 6-month-old daughter passed away. After years of picking up the pieces, focusing on our health, careers and raising an independent and emotionally intelligent son, we are ready to love and support another addition to the family.


About Joe:

Mr. Joe! That’s what I call him. If I had to describe Joe in 3 words, it would be resilient, playful, and calm. I’ve seen Joe overcome many obstacles, including the challenges we faced together. He has always been the voice of reason during tough times. I can get through anything with him.

As a father, Joe is playful and outgoing. He is a jokester and loves to play games. He is a big kid at heart. When it comes to parenting, he’s the “good cop.”

Joe is constantly looking for ways to be better and make life easier. He is so patient and never complains. He gets things done, no matter what. He cooks, cleans, helps with homework, and really helps in balancing my workload.

For work, Joe is in a leadership position at a logistics company. Joe has always worked hard for everything he has, and he takes very good care of everything and everyone in his life. He truly appreciates and values life. Joe is unlike any other man I have ever met, and I am very thankful that he is my husband.

– From Tiffany



About Tiffany:

Tiffany is Awesome! I don’t know where to start. For work, Tiffany is a Director of Operations at a healthcare staffing company. If I had to describe her in 3 words it would be focused, ambitious, and advocative.

When I say she is focused, I mean if Tiffany sets her mind to something, it’s done. She is very meticulous about goals, deadlines, and prioritization. She keeps the house organized as far as finances, what we need, when we’re getting it, and household projects. She is the manager both at home and at work.

She has high expectations, but they are not unrealistic. She wants the best for us, and she is always looking for the next big thing for us to achieve or do as a family and individually. She pushes us to do and be better by setting an example for us. She is a great nurturer, loving mom, and wife.

Tiffany fights for her family. I’ve even seen her advocating for her team at work. If she feels you deserve, need, or require more in a certain area, she works to no end to make sure you get it. She thrives off seeing other people happy and it fills her cup to know she took part in making a difference.

– From Joe



About our Home/Pets:

Our Home – Our home was built in bedroom 2022. It is a 4 room home, 2 and 1/2 baths with a full backyard and patio. We currently have 2 vacant bedrooms. The room next to Jordan is being renovated as a nursery.

Our Dog (Oliver) – Very playful, active, alert, and attentive. He loves to play with the cat, but the feeling is not mutual. He’s very funny, loves the outdoors, and barking at the neighbors’ dogs.

Our Cat (Bella) – Not very social or active but occasionally will come around for a cuddle or rub. Prefers to be away from the action. Will entertain Oliver periodically. She’s afraid to be alone outdoors. She is very gentle.


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