Tim & Lauren


Hello. We are so happy you found us and so grateful for you taking the time to read about us. We understand the weight in your decision you are making and want to assure you that we are dedicated to providing a loving, stable and caring atmosphere for your child. We also want you to know that we admire you and your consideration in adoption. We can’t begin to imagine how difficult this has been, it is a selfless sacrifice and we are humbled by your decision. Please know we are praying for you.


About Us


Our names are Tim and Lauren. We have been married for just shy of 15 years. We are as inseparable today as the day we met. We work as a team and always try to do anything and everything we can together. We are each others best friend. We first met in 2006, when Tim returned from a Missions trip in the Dominican Republic. We hit if off immediately and fell in love. We were married in 2009 and we couldn’t wait to start a family. Adoption has always been part of our family plan. Laurens only sister/sibling is adopted, so adoption is very special to us. It is a wonderful gift, and without it, Lauren wouldn’t have the best friend she does.


After a few years of trying on our own for family, with pregnancy loss and no success, we sought the help through fertility treatments. After a few rounds of treatments and meeting with the doctors it looked like this was not a part of Gods plan. Now we have turned our focus to building our family through the blessing of adoption and we couldn’t be more excited.


About Tim:


Tim is a service manager for an HVAC company. He loves his job and has a deep respect for the company he works for. Tim is hardworking, reliable, trustworthy and honest. He is the love of my life and my very best friend. Tim has the biggest heart, one of the most selfless people I know and is always someone you can depend on.


When Tim isn’t working, he enjoys working on projects and fixing things. He loves to fish, swim, boat, bowl, camp and just be outdoors. Tim is so much fun to be around. He finds the best in everything and always knows how to bring smiles and laughs.


I know without a doubt, Tim is going to be an amazing and loving father.


– Lauren


About Lauren:


Lauren is Preschool teacher and she was made for it. She loves her job, loves her students and puts all of her heart in her job everyday. Lauren is my best friend and my soulmate. She has an unwavering devotion to her loved ones and will put everyone’s needs above her own. Lauren is such a loyal, loving and nurturing person. When Lauren isn’t at preschool she helps a friend out with her 3 children. Over the past 13 years with them, Lauren has created such a strong bond with those kids and she loves them like family.


Lauren loves to be outside. She enjoys hiking, being around any kind of water, camping, fishing and going to golf range with her friends. Lauren loves to be around her family and friends. She will be the one that is out playing with kids, constantly laughing and smiling.


I know Lauren is going to be a loving and caring mother.


– Tim


About our Home/Pets:


We live in a small, quiet neighborhood, that is perfect for children and families. We live right by a State Park that offers a large lake, campgrounds, nice parks and walking and bike trails. Also a near by splashpad that all the kids love. Our community has a great school system which is very close to our home.


We have 1 dog, Dixie, who is a 5 year old mixed breed. She loves to go everywhere with us. She loves going to our family cabin (our favorite place too), loves going on walks, hikes, playing, and just being around people and other animals. She has such a fun, loving, spunky and sweet personality. Wherever we go, everyone always wants to meet Dixie.

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