Tyler and Kristin

We are excited to introduce our family to you! We feel that your decision to consider an adoption plan is filled with love, and we would be honored to become a part of your journey if you feel that our family would be a good fit. Although it is difficult to capture all that we would like to in just a few paragraphs, it is our hope that this will help you learn a bit about us, our family, and the love and memories that we share together. We know that you will always be an important part of your child’s life. We promise to support you, and the level of openness that you desire. Whatever decision you make, we would always ensure that this little one knows you love and care for them and we would always strive to help them grow into a confident individual who is proud of their loving birth story and family. We see our relationship together as one that can evolve, and are excited that they would be loved by so many. About Our Family We are a fun, energetic and loving family. We live by the motto, “Love, Play, Smile”. We love to go on road trips, camp, go boating, play board games and explore together as a family. We also enjoy our low key evenings together reading, baking and hanging out in our backyard by the fire. No matter what, we strive to build an environment where our children feel supported, free to explore, successful and loved. Our two boys, Caden and Beckett, are active, curious, kind and adventurous! Caden is an avid reader, enjoys coding and computer games and recently began taking cello and fencing lessons. Beckett enjoys fishing and playing on his soccer team. He is also our animal lover and vegetarian by choice! (He believes animals are “just too cute to eat.”)

About Tyler (According to Kristin, Caden and Beckett) Tyler is an amazing daddy and husband. His devotion to make our children’s lives positive and fun is evident in nearly all that he does. He builds phenomenal Lego creations and forts, creates the most fantastic four-wheeler race tracks in the back yard, and gives the most fun carries to bed at bedtime! Caden says, “I love that he is funny, and plays games with me,” and Beckett says, “I like when he reads me stories with silly voices.”

About Kristin (According to Tyler, Caden and Beckett) There is nothing Kristin loves more than being with her family. Our children and I are lucky to have her filling the mommy role in our family. She looks forward to playing with her family every chance that she gets. Her favorite moments are those spent together traveling the country in our camper and seeing new things. She loves to take our children out on the boat to explore and search for wildlife, and share her fishing “expertise.” Caden says, “She makes great breakfasts and awesome birthday cakes” and Beckett says, “I love when she cuddles with me.”

Our Home and Community We are both elementary school teachers in a large school district. (Kristin teaches 1st grade, and Tyler teaches 6th grade) We are lucky that we are able to take our kids to school with us each day! We love that our school district is diverse, filled with many different languages and cultures, and provides many opportunities to explore. We enjoy seeing our boys explore these opportunities as they discover their own personal interests and talents, and can’t wait to watch a new little one make their own discoveries. We live far enough in the country that we can enjoy the outdoor space, but close enough to enjoy the city as well. We have wonderful neighbors who we enjoy spending summers with by the campfire, playing games or watching outdoor movies in the backyard. We also belong to a supportive, progressive and loving church family, and are active leaders in our Vacation Bible School.

Thank you for the loving decision you are considering, and for viewing our profile. We hope that we may have the opportunity to meet, and share more about our family with you.

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