Adoptive Parents Services

  • Our Commitment to Your Adoption Journey
    Caring For Kids, Inc. prides itself on our commitment to performing ethical and best practice social work. Our clients repeatedly tell us they appreciate the service we provide to them and the children we serve.

    In order to ensure you receive the highest level of support throughout your entire adoption journey, Caring for Kids offers extensive adoptive parent services. Our professionals are available to arrange birth parent assessments as well as receive birth parent histories directly from the expectant parents. We provide this service to all of our expectant parents as well as to attorneys and/or out-of-state agencies working with expectant parents in Ohio. Fees associated with these assessments are determined by the services needed as well as the location of the birth parent.
  • If You Have Identified a Birth Mother
    Our agency can also assist you in completing your adoption process if you have identified a birth mother on your own. Under these circumstances, you will still benefit from the expertise of our staff. Not only will you receive ongoing support throughout this sometimes complex process, but the birth parent(s) will receive the counseling services that are so crucial to their well-being and a successful placement.
  • Additional Adoption Services
    If you choose to complete your adoption through an attorney, Caring for Kids can still provide you with adoption education classes, a home study, as well as post-placement services. Fees are determined based on the extent and type of services needed.
  • Search Services for Public Adoption
    Caring for Kids also offers search services for families with an approved Ohio home study. Search services may be available depending on the program, the current number of families in that program, and the age group of interest.

    Our professionals will search throughout the United States for children available for adoption that meet your family’s desired characteristics. We can also work in conjunction with another agency to help increase your family’s chances for a successful match.
  • Working With More Than One Agency
    If you choose to work with us and an additional agency at the same time, simply sign a release of information allowing them to send us a copy of your home study. If our social workers determine Caring for Kids can assist your family after reviewing your home study, you have the ability to work with both agencies until a match is made.
  • Once a Match Is Made
    If your match is made through Caring for Kids, a full transfer from your home agency to our agency may be required. This will ensure that your family is provided supportive services and other services necessary to complete the adoption process.

    If your match is made through another agency, simply call Caring for Kids to inform us of your match. At this point we would stop searching, allowing you to work solely with that agency during your adoptive placement.
  • Search Fees – Public Adoption
    There is no fee for search services for children over eight years old, however, there is a fee for families interested in children zero to eight years old. For fee information, please contact Caring for Kids.
  • Search Services for Private Infant Adoption
    If you choose to adopt through Caring for Kids’ Private Infant Adoption program, you can be sure that our staff will dedicate themselves to matching a baby with your family’s desired characteristics.
  • Working With More Than One Agency
    If you are currently working with a different agency, simply sign a release of information giving them permission to send us a copy of your home study. If our social workers determine Caring for Kids can assist your family after reviewing your home study, you will become part of the search program. In addition to your home study, we ask that you send us four copies of your family picture profile book and letter to give to expectant parents considering adoption.
  • Search Fees – Private Infant Adoption
    There is a fee to become part of this search program. Upon receipt of the above documents and the search fee, you will be notified that you have been accepted into the Infant Search Program.

    * Please note that there may be times when this program is full, at which point we will be unable to accept new search families. Caring for Kids will accept families from other agencies as often as possible but may experience times when we cannot accept families due to the number of families we are currently searching for.





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